Showing up

I came, I thought, I wrote. I tried not to think or write about work, tricky one, that. 

We got a car!

And I’m pretty excited about that. I wanted to be car-free for a while, for no real good reason, because of course this is America which is stitched together by individual transportation, nothing of quality to the communal purpose. It’s sometimes still a shock to see the absence of any options besides driving yourself here or there. Then again, it’s nice to not have to coordinate with a scheduled bus, but at a certain point if there’s regular service, you can fill in the gaps of waiting. 

We’re part of the Lezbaru club, which is something we both enjoy, especially here. Fewer Teslas, yes, and that’s great – tons of trucks standing in for status or masculinity or whatnot. I don’t feel charitable enough to say I think they’re all getting used the way they were designed to be. 

Babe’s cooking in the kitchen and I can smell it all on the skillet. I’m putting out this babbling brook of words because sometimes you just have to without needing anything to amount to anything. 

So, a new thing: three things I’m going to do. I definitely won’t forget to do some pull ups, so I don’t want to give that a spot. More important things, that are just ticking at me to be answered: getting the ISBNs for the books for the next semester. I’ll do that. Maybe writing a page in a story I thought I’d be telling here on a sort of installment basis: maybe I’ll do that. Little bits and pieces, on the blog. I’ll do that. And one more – did the geodes, final checked papers for divorce filing round 5 (!), so the I Ching. I’ll do that. And maybe I’ll talk about it here next time I check in.