Ten hour days?

So Idaho doesn’t have any overtime laws for consecutive hours.. just for working more than 40 in a workweek. It’s taking some getting used to, because it means that I get to work at 9 and am usually there until 7:30. It’s baffling that so many Americans live like this, on the retail schedule, for less pay and no benefits, but that’s the very thing at the rapacious heart of the country that is championed as freedom. 

There’s a half hour for lunch, which is a good way of reminding me that this is temporary, until something with a library comes along that isn’t a two day a week assistant position for the graveyard shift on the University of Boise campus. That seems tailored to a student schedule anyway.

It’s also been a while since I did the I Ching. It’s something I like to do from time to time, and at some points I’ve doing it every day or a few times a day, but lately it’s more like weeks between. The advice is characteristic: it emphasizes patient, humility, non-action, non-judgement. It’s quite remarkable like that, but in that same kind of tranquility is the fertile soil of doubt. How very American – find peace, sell it to others, as the frequent billboard I saw on the CalTrain for Tony Robbins would remind me. That lines from one of my favorite episodes of High Maintenance, where a cult-y character talks about how Eckhart Toelle is too passive for a guru he prefers who asks practitioners to insert gemstones into their urethras.

Activity, and its compulsions. Maybe I’ll do that tonight. Maybe I’ll not.

I met someone who manages or coaches a race team at the shop, since we sponsor them – made me think about looking into a low-category race. You know, see what I’m made of and all, since it’d be an entirely new experience. I mean, I don’t ride enough now. I wish I rode like I did in San Mateo. 20 loaded miles every day, a nice hour at about 20mph nightly as my return. I feel the convenience of living near work making me soft, and that’s something I feel the need to be active against.