Good days happen unexpectedly, I suppose. And they’re a good reminder that everything takes time, and nothing outpaces patience faster than the velocity of thoughts, both the depressive and the optimistic: they perceive the endpoint in a lightning flash and render all material effort unto that end either pointless, in the negative sense, or makes life frustrating even in the positive sense, because the minutiae necessary to achieve even a positive end can work against the excitement that the mind perceives as being, in a sense, already complete.

Met a couple who knew Talbot’s, having lived in Burlingame; sold a bike to someone else which is a good thing in a sales position, but in this later case, it was nice to have the forum to ask and tell and share with people who could let all the things I’ve learned about bikes come out a bit. Seemingly a small thing but it put a nice light to the whole day.

And even in a high point to know that low points are also part of the forecast, and trying to not let my excitement, whether big or small, take over my attention – that’s been a characteristic pattern of the stumbles I can recall having made time and again.

I had the thought that I need to stop this lazy softening I’ve let some over myself, especially now that my commute is about 5 minutes, instead of a solid 20 miles a day that added up to about an hour and a half. A nice foundation for other things, but also enough that I let myself come out of the habits of exercise that I enjoyed so much. Maybe a run on the Greenbelt. Maybe weights again. Maybe more yoga and meditation and maybe martial arts again. 

But not too much too soon. Wouldn’t want that excitement end up in biting my own lip.