Aches and …

I wrote something today. I didn’t yesterday. I won’t feel bad about it. 

Took the bike out for its first longer ride here, not super long and all on the Greenbelt. I don’t know why that makes it seem less real. Reminds me of family trips to Sunriver, Oregon less all the pine. I do miss the pines. 

A mostly flat 24ish miles winded the hell out of me. I haven’t ridden for a couple of weeks, but looking around online seems to indicate that riding at 3,000ft is really nothing in terms of why you’d be so tired. Say it’s 12 miles out and then back, and about 45 minutes out and about 30 back, so a decent pace. 

Acclimating to work, too, has been a small struggle. Different culture. Also, new. The schedule calls for 10 hour days with a single break, and no, Idaho doesn’t pay overtime unless you break 40 through the whole week. But as Annie says, I’ve only been there 3 days. It’s hard to say.

People are terribly conversational. And seem to avoid you when you’re direct. I can’t ask something if I can help them find something, or if they’re looking for something. However, one of my coworkers can bring up something totally random, some colloquialism or some event or just some little life thing, and it turns into a sale. This was so easy in California.

But I didn’t get to be friends with everyone at Talbot’s the first week, or the second. It took a good long while. Maybe that’s the thing everywhere: people wait to see if you stick around. 

On a more germane topic, I’m reading Breakfast of Champions by Vonnegut. A nice follow up to the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, which I’d heard so much about for so long. Not sure what do read next, but we went out to a local bookshop to get some books, so there are options.