Gemini; Libra and Sagittarius

You are an origin and a destination

On this map I trace and I must

Trace it because I only stitch together

Such paths already

Trod by others unknown to me but

It is through them I come to know you

Though we are firsthand friends


Twins even of a sort if you wish to still believe it

As I still do 

Or at least wish to and I do 

And it kills me a bit every minute 

I consider it not knowing if

Your internal definitions forever unshared 

Have rendered me whatever an orphan severed even of

Happenstance siblinghood could be called and 

The only word that works isn’t even

Corpse or even stone 

But something without history 

Or relation whatsoever

Voided of character 

It is something which gains meaning only in



So then when I

Am alone you have made of

Me a mirror though as much I

Was before and already 


Unknown as the fact was


Only in company and such


More than I have ever asked for 

Simply to reflect your beauty because

When I did so too was I