Idyll pt. 2

I shall be mindful of the tremors and the 

Vibrations which concretize their potential

I shall measure breath by words

Attending their becoming

I will be mindfully open

I will be mindfully unhidden

Though it grieves the world context

Which has so rendered it as it is

I will be mindfully unafraid and if it be

Ever my fault to bear witness

It will be because I slept


He is a ghost no mater how long he speaks

Or listens or thinks or walks it is no

Matter because he is immaterial and composed

Only of those words he cannot share which

None partake in 


For the first time in five nights dogs do not howl

And in the morning hours of an earliness so

Dark it is primordial and thick and wet with weight

Hastening the moon from its office above

The landscape it claimed 


Ye gods, at large

Cords of these gods unaddressed in symbol

And taken in token as token artifice

Word by experience down to sweat burnished edge

Down to the undifferentiated texture of their character

And to the witness of their implementation as tokens thereof

Of agency and accidence and context without life


Wanting of all such things and taking from all

A sign of each and illustrated thereby

Impressed and embossed on mind and heart a call

To those dual fulcrums for where there is either there is body


He oils his brush one drop at a time and its horsehair bristles

Glisten in low evening light as the day creaks to a halt

Every stroke of the bush recalls a yesteryear known only

Through words of others as the days of others close

Before his begin in the dying light of evening’s debut

Scent is scripture and permission to unmake the costume

The stories of others have circumscribed unto his figure


The notion of unencumbered space

My acquaintance her name is Nought

Her face an inverted vase she who

Participates in the Pure Text

She who comes from nowhere a life

Begun fully formed at twenty-one years

Of apparent age on concrete grounds

Surrounded by plastic chairs attentive in meditation